What is Reversed Order Existence?

What is Reversed Order Existence?

Dear Readers, Reversed Order Existence will trace you and chase…

Hi! I am Blaze Goldburst. Author of Reversed Order Existence.

What is Reversed Order Existence?

REVERSED ORDER EXISTENCE: An apocalypse made by indicting the nature, manipulating the Natural Order of Existence. If all the existing energies, resources that exist in the Natural Order of Existence are sucked out from the particular world and stored and concentrated in another, then the former gets rid of the natural conditions of life and existence.

Reversed Ageing: Old is Young. Young is Old. It is too rapid.

Reverse Breathing: Breathe in is breathe out. Monsters have mastered their creation. This art of breathing is applicable under the seas. The unaware tras drown to their incomplete death.

Reverse/Upside down walking: An aberration where humans walk on their heads, the big beasts crawl on their backs, while the trees move on their branch-legs.

Incomplete Death: There is no death in Reversed Order Existence. Either you are immortal sufferer by transitioning into Young Old. Even if injured severely, you suffer immortal suffering and no death comes by.

Silent Speech: Active ear and dumb lips.

Climate-Reversion: Unpredictable weather events that occur in reverse. Rains shooting from the earth, supervolcanic winters preceding a supervolcano. Fused Moon and Sun and a lot more.

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