Reversed Order Existence (Dystopian Fantasy Book Trailer)

Reversed Order Existence (Dystopian Fantasy Book Trailer)

On a fateful night, to an unfortunate turn of events, my life changed completely.

That was too difficult a day. The night became the deadliest. I didn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’t know who I was or my world.

Who others are sharing the same world. We felt a newer beginning to our life was waiting for us.

But Reversed Order Existence traced and chased…

Reversed Order Existence – Book Trailer

Reversed Order Existence: Reversed Order Series (Book 1)

Author- Blaze Goldburst

Published by Reverend Crown Publications Pvt Ltd

Dear Readers, Reversed Order Existence will trace you and chase…

Reversed Order Existence: Reversed Order Series (Book 1) Pre-order your copy now

BLAZON, A TIGER, IS TRAPPED IN THE DEADLIEST APOCALYPSE- REVERSED ORDER EXISTENCE. REVERSED ORDER EXISTENCE has engulfed Tra Land. It is the weapon of the rising Mediocre (Monsters) led by MIZARD, the monster lord against the Meritorious (Tras) led by their Reverend Crown DIAMONDES. Meritocracy is responsible to have created dangerous divisions and deprivations amongst citizens through Status States. But BLAZON is no tra or monster but is tortured and chased. There is too little time to survive and incomplete deaths are rapid. Identity, love, betrayal, treachery, power, survival, family, friendship, tiger-human conflict will be judged in REVERSED ORDER EXISTENCE. There is no going back!

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