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What If Humans Suffer Reverse Ageing? Episode 1

Would it be boon? Would it be bane? In this episode, we will find out.

Dear Readers, Reversed Order Existence will trace you and chase…Hi! I am Blaze Goldburst, author of Reversed Order Existence.

We all know that it is inevitable for ageing to occur, deterioration of both cognitive and physical health is bound to happen.

Many scientists are working on delaying the process of ageing. Cosmetic industries have developed their anti-ageing creams or cosmetic surgeries.

Ageing occurs due to numerous genetic, environmental effects which influence our lifespan. Through the environment, by healthy living and eating, we delay the effects of ageing. Our telomere shortening and oxidative stress play a major role in our ageing and decay.

But what if one day we wake up and see reverse ageing has been successful? Would it change our life? To lead us to the road leading to immortality? Or would it signify another journey to unimaginable doom? We are going to find out in a story.

Reverse Ageing: Boon or Bane?

We are going to find out in a story.

In the book Reversed Order Existence, when Blazon, a young and healthy tiger, unexpectedly lands into Tra Land. He discovers he is old. He is called Old Cub by anybody who attacks and protects him. In Reversed Order Existence, Old is Young and Young is Old. It is too rapid which Blazon learns later. This is a curse. Where your brain is of an infant but your body is too old and feeble. You don’t die in old age.

Blazon is helpless, but soon he grows younger bodily due to effects of reverse ageing but his brain and spirit grow older and older. He discovers that there are three stages to reverse ageing. 1. Old Young 2. Middle 3. Young Old 4…? That would be another story for another video.

But when Blazon discovers these three stages of reverse ageing, he notices that the infants, the young old are no more considered assets. They are the real Old. The ancestors, the parents. They are now a burden. They are abandoned and discarded. The same way most inhuman people in the world consider the old people a burden. It’s a shame.

Reverse Ageing is the opposite of Natural Ageing. What happens after the last stage of Reverse Ageing? The 4th stage…

Keep watching and let us fight together against the menace of Reversed Order Existence and support Blazon, the tiger by ordering a copy of Reversed Order Existence. Blazon seeks your help.

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