How to breathe in Reversed Order Existence?

How to breathe in Reversed Order Existence?

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-Blaze Goldburst

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In the previous episodes,  we learnt about Reversed Ageing, and the 4th stage of Reverse Ageing in Reversed Order Existence through the story of Blazon, the tiger, from the book Reversed Order Existence. If you are new to the world of Reversed Order Existence, please watch the previous episodes on Reversed Ageing and the 4th stage of Reverse Ageing.

Dear Readers, Reversed Order Existence will trace you and chase…

Hi, I am Blaze Goldburst. Author of Reversed Order Existence.

In this episode 3, we would focus on how to breathe in Reversed Order Existence!

We breathe…. we survive…

In the Natural Order of Existence, the air is moved in and out of our lungs, by inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide.

All Aerobic Creatures need oxygen for cellular respiration, breaking down foods, for energy, where carbon dioxide becomes their waste product.  Most importantly, exchange of gases takes place when breathing. The circulatory system of their body transports the gases to and from the cells, and thus cellular respiration takes place.

But… how do vertebrates with lungs breathe? They have their repetitive cycles of inhalation and exhalation. The vertebrates with lungs have highly branched tubes or airways system which lead from the nose to the alveoli. The respiratory rate or breathing is the number of respiratory cycles per minute, which is considered to be one of the vital signs of life.

What about over-breathing and under-breathing? They cause distressing symptoms. Some other mechanisms provided by breathing are speech and laughter. The reflexes such as yawning, coughing and sneezing.

We discussed about breathing in the Natural Order of Existence. But what if we are trapped in the Reversed Order Existence? How to breathe in Reversed Order Existence? We would find out through the experience of Blazon, the tiger from the Book, “Reversed Order Existence.”

In this book, Reversed Order Existence, Blazon encounters the deadliest enemy to life under the seas that is SUFFOCATION. Because the land and the sea were a world of the opposites! No air could draw into his nostrils as if he had lost the ability to breathe. Waters began to devour him entirely.

He struggles and puts his last efforts to refill some breath. He encounters silent bodies of the abandoned, unrecognisable, disfigured younglings alleged to be dumped by their heartless parents. While together in their fall, he feels their hard little breaths near his ear as they teach him… breathe in is death, breathe out is life.

For Blazon, breathing in reverse from the thick dark saline waters was painful, hard and dense. An unusual tactic. When he breathed in, it happened just the opposite. That’s when he learnt the art of breathing in Reversed Order Existence. Because to inhale is to exhale in Reversed Order Existence and to exhale is to inhale, especially under the seas. Why did it happen that way? To know more, download your free sample of Reversed Order Existence from the link in the description below.

What do we learn? What if the natural flow of our breaths die? Would it be like surviving on only on ventilators?  Would you survive breathing in reverse? Would you manage to learn the art of Reverse Breathing, or would you meet your incomplete death? Comment now. For Reversed Order Existence is the deadliest of all viruses if combined together. And we, as humans are responsible for damaging all resources, water, earth or air. We have brought air pollution, we smoke actively and passively and suffer cancer.

Lung cancer, Heart disease, Tumour, Asthma, Pneumonia, Corona… and then world is heeding towards Reversed Order Existence. Can we stop it? Or would it take over us completely.

Thank you for watching this video. See you in Episode 4: Will Climate-Reversion conquer us?

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Let us eradicate climate change and inequality together!

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