Will Climate-Reversion conquer us?

Will Climate-Reversion conquer us?

We, as humans have harmed the nature. We are responsible for bringing climate change and inequality to this world. We are silently dividing ourselves into meritocracy and mediocrity. We have brought the Status States. We are in the verge of destroying the Natural Order Of Existence…. What more do we expect… after climate change… what? Will Climate-Reversion conquer us?

Dear Readers, Reversed Order Existence will trace you and chase…
Hi, I am Blaze Goldburst. Author of Reversed Order Existence. In the previous episodes we learnt about Reversed Ageing, 4th Stage of Reverse Ageing, and how to breathe in reversed order existence. If you haven’t watched them already, now is the time.

Here comes the episode 4: Will Climate-Reversion conquer us?
Our human-made destruction has brought heavy consequence to the natural order of existence. We have destroyed our nature. Plastic Pollution, Ghost nets in the seas, and then we see frequent wildfires, prolonged periods of drought, tropical storms, hurricanes or thunderstorms have become and will become stronger, shrinking glaciers, breaking of ice in rivers and lakes, there is loss of the sea ice and sooner our arctic will become ice free The trees are and will be flowering rapidly, whereas the plant and animal ranges have and will see drastic shifting. The sea levels are rising and intense heat waves are causing havoc, there comes the frost free season that is lengthening and massive changes are seen in the patterns of precipitation. Air pollution or Dangerous virus attacks like Coronavirus or Hantavirus is just a tiny preview of the Reversed Order Existence.

Who would you consider responsible for the rise in global temperatures? Which human activities produce greenhouse effects? Pause this video and comment below.

Will climate-reversion conquer us?
That day is not far when climate- reversion and Reversed Order Existence as a whole will trace us, chase us and conquer us. We will be consumed if we are late. Let us know more about climate-reversion through the story of Blazon, the tiger from the book Reversed Order Existence.
In the book, Reversed Order Existence, Blazon experiences that land and seas are opposed enemies. The sky is forever dark black and the moon and the sun are fused and holed, incomplete death has become the existence, every human or others beasts known as tras do upside down walking and crawl on their backs, speak silent speech. The effects of climatic reversion has occurred due to climate change and inequality, as a consequence of the world being divided into mediocrity and meritocracy where the disadvantaged mediocre have risen to conquer the world against the so-called meritorious that used to control the natural order of existence and its resources by causing disparities and divisions by dividing the mediocre and meritorious into Status States. Now Reversed Order Existence has become the norm. The mediocre, known as monsters have created Reversed Order Existence. They have indicted the nature and manipulated the natural order of existence completely. They have sucked all the energies and resources from the world and stored and concentrated them in their particular world, which is deeper under the bottom of the seas. But such a huge quantity of energy concentration later leads to the doom… climate-reversion. Unpredictable weather effects occur in reverse. Rains are seen shooting from the seas and the earth. Supervolcanic winters are occurring before a supervolcano. As I have already mentioned about the fused moon, sun and there is a lot more.

Who would win now? What would we lose? Could Blazon, the tiger escape? To find out, order your copy of Reversed Order Existence now.

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