What if we suffer Upside-down/reverse walking in Reversed Order Existence?

What if we suffer Upside-down/reverse walking in
Reversed Order Existence?

Climate change and inequality, meritocracy and mediocrity, status states will bring us to our ruin. We might lose everything, maybe the slightest needs of our existence for brutally harming the Natural Order of Existence every day. Would we walk again like we do? Would we have the speed to run? Would we be fit to exist and walk comfortably based on our height, weight, age, load or terrain? In episode 5, we would find out.

Hi, I am Blaze Goldburst, author of Reversed Order Existence. In this video, we would talk about the immediate consequences of suffering
Reverse/Upside-down walking. What is Upside-down/reverse walking in Reversed Order Existence? How is it different from the way we walk to lead our normal lives in the natural order of existence. You may pause the video and answer the questions. 9…8…7…2…1…

No more can we exercise, improve our confidence, energy, stamina or control our weight, life expectancy. There would not be a reduction in stress but alarmingly increase in stress, heart disease, diabetes, highest ever blood pressure, bowel cancer, osteoporosis and the list goes on. Just because we lost our ability to walk. Our mind goes dumber, our memory skills, ability to learn, to concentrate diminishes. Our capacity for abstract reasoning fades away. Ultimately, we see a splurge in the form of reduction of meritorious brains into mediocre brains. Our ameliorating spirits live in vain.

What about posture? It is more of a disaster. Our bones deteriorate. The hip bone suffers, and the harmful low-density lipoprotein rises rapidly, lowering the useful high-density lipoprotein. What about mental health? Anxiety and depression haunts us. Dementia, Alzheimer’s lives with us. With fading health, cancer, the enemy forces into our lives.

Then we come to remember…. There was a time when walking used to lengthen our lives. Still, while we exist in this current state of Natural Order Existence, our average number of walk trips is falling due to our unwanted lifestyle changes and needs. This sustainable mode of transport which is clean and suited for us is dying.

All legged animals, even arthropods with six or eight legs or limbs walk and walking is considered to be slower than running. When we walk, our one foot is seen leaving the contact with the ground, and there is also a period of double-support, while when we run both of our feet are off the ground with each step. Some examples of the origin of walking among different organisms are The air-breathing fish or tetrapod, as it could walk underwater, giving rise to the plethora of land-dwelling life/organisms that walked on four or two limbs. The arthropods like the insects, crustaceans and others, must have independently evolved walking several times. Little skates can propel themselves by pushing off the ocean floor with the use of their pelvic fins, neural mechanisms, millions of years before any vertebrates set foot on our land. Many beasts like the elephants walk forwards and backwards but cannot trot, jump or gallop. Walking fish is known to travel over land.

Would we crawl then, with all four limbs? No. We would crawl unlike an infant not on our stomachs but backs, be stationary frequently and be disabled in both visibility and camouflage. It is not a token of submission but a forced consequence of Reversed Order. As we fail and fail and never switch to walking.

Let us know the feeling of upside-down/Reverse walking through the story of Blazon from the book Reversed Order Existence:

When Blazon, the tiger gets trapped in the deadliest apocalypse Reversed Order Existence. He experiences the trauma of reverse/ upside-down walking. Such a form of walking had become of the tras, the humans and other beasts.

The trees of all shapes and sizes had swirly spidery-roots, crab-like branches. The deer with grey torso, whirling red-eyes, deadly cliffy horns on the heavy hide, except for the legs. And then massive hornless rhino with dark gloomy eyes, then the humans both pale and white had so much in common. Oddly familiar similarities? Upside-down body! Unusual walking style.

Two-legged walked on their heads. Four-legged crawled on their backs, while the trees instead of standing on their root-heads, walked on their branch-legs! And their silent speech looked a mystery…

What if we suffer silent speech? To find out, keep watching the Reversed Order Series.

So as we sum up. We learn that Reverse/Upside down walking is An aberration where humans walk on their heads, the big beasts crawl on their backs, while the trees move on their branch-legs. There is the death of health benefits. Gone of the little pleasures of life.

Finally a question for you. How would you react if all living beings suffer from upside-down walking? What action would you take?

Thank you for watching this video. Blazon seeks your help. Order Reversed Order Existence now.

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