What if we suffer Silent Speech in the Reversed Order Existence?

What if we suffer Silent Speech in the Reversed Order Existence?

What is speech in the Natural Order of Existence? Is it the ability to express ourselves? What is silent speech in the Reversed Order Existence? How is it different from the silent speech in the natural order of Existence? In this episode, we would find out.

Hi, I am Blaze Goldburst. Author of Reversed Order Existence.

In the Natural Order of Existence, how do we convey meaning? Our social position of what we want and what we are, our physical state of moods and emotions, experiences, whether in sobriety, drunkenness or a trance state… definitely by persuasion, warning, direction, by asking, by informing and so on. We use language; we talk, we communicate. We speak, we swear, we deal with people and animals. We express emotions, desires, and we motivate and inspire. Sometimes with the solitary speech and sometimes we talk to ourselves. We may often have a dual persona; we address ourselves, communicate with ourselves as if it is some other person. Whereas, in solo speech, we memorize things i.e., be it prayer or meditation.

In the Natural order of Existence, silent speech is the total opposite to the silent speech that exists in the Reversed Order Existence. Silent speech is an interior monologue in the Natural Order Existence.

What is the origin of speech? Unknown. But in the production of speech, our thoughts are generated into spoken utterances. In the case of humans, the pressure from our lungs produces speech, and even we can talk like Donald duck to pronounce words without using our lungs and glottis.

Do animals use sign languages as humans? Yes. Because their vocalizations are articulated phonemically and syntactically, and so they do not constitute speech.

What are the different aspects of speech in the natural order of Existence? Speech production and perception of sounds in language, repetition and errors. So, we map the words, and we recreate them, and often compare our speech with the written language but there differs the vocabulary, phonetics and syntax from the spoken language. Manner and place of articulation also play a significant role in linguistics.

Is silent speech in the Reversed Order Existence just a speech error?

A certain complex activity, but is it just a consequence of errors only? We, as humans have the speech perception, where we interpret and understand the sounds in any language. Do we hear repetition, speech heard briskly? No more a sensory input but a motor one?

 What are the factors that make our speech suffer or affect it severely? They could be organic or psychological.

Lung, throat and vocal cord diseases and disorders. Paralysis, respiratory infections, cancer. Brain diseases, disorders, speech processing disorder, motor planning impairment, nerve transmission damage, our processing and perception of the message is opposed to the actual sounds, which leads to our poor speech production. Hearing and listening problems, auditory processing disorders. Then our articulatory problems… slurred speech, stuttering. Tongue diseases, congenital, Tourette syndrome, tics or the motor neuron syndrome can also affect our speech. Our auditory perception and expressions can deteriorate. We may even be considered deaf.

Is silent speech in the Reversed Order Existence only a game of the brain? It is often known that left hemisphere of our brain is associated with language. But modern research often claims that in production and comprehension of speech, multiple streams are involved. Due to some disorders, we often speak nonsensically, or the jargon speech or there comes out severe deficits in speech production, where one is unable to speak beyond a few monosyllabic words. Where there is difficulty while speaking, it becomes slower, laboured, words become absent, and our syntax is impaired severely—commonly seen in telegraphic speech.

Now, let us learn what it is to suffer silent speech in the Reversed Order Existence through the experiences of Blazon, the tiger from the book Reversed Order Existence.

Blazon story

In the book, Reversed Order Existence. Blazon encounters the strange sea of hibernating little creatures and hears their uncanny and unusual speech. He got confused and felt that their mothers were heartless to have abandoned their offspring to decay and die. Didn’t keep the predators at bay…. didn’t march together to attack and protect. But those younglings and eggs could speak so well.  The world of unfortunates?

Did they speak with open mouths? No.

Blazon heard from them the screams and cry. Their frightened hearts, their distressing signals, their earnest appeal and their quick warning to ward him off an imminent danger that was lurching closer. But the most unusual thing which he discovered later was their speech was silent and unseen and they were communicating with others haphazardly, with great difficulty, but without open mouths. And sometimes, it could become a confusion for who said and what, if we don’t hear or focus on somebody particularly.

In another scene where Blazon is attacked by the tras and monsters in the foamy dark seas, where the rain shoots from the sea to the scary lightless sky, he hears the silent speech of the tras, where the wind carries calls and whispers. Screams and screech of attack from their seamed or sealed lips. It peers into his ears, deep dredges into his head.

The speech was imperfect. The communication was through sealed lips and signs, who said what and how could have been difficult to decipher. To know more, order your copy of Reversed Order Existence.

In the Reversed Order Existence, we can lose access to our speech or speak the silent speech, the words would come from within, creating confusion and difficulty. It can be a form of partial dumbness. A pain may strike in our throat but our lips won’t support to pop the words out.

Thank you for watching this video. Blazon needs your help. Order Reversed Order Existence Now.

Let’s meet in the next episode. Is Reversed Order Existence, the deadliest virus?

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