10 secret reasons romantic long-distance relationships will fail: LORD’S ORDINARY CHILDREN

10 secret reasons romantic long-distance relationships will fail:


Many would argue or even try to convince that love is everything in this world and no matter what the situation is, relationships are going to last. For many it could be true, but for most, it would not be. So, in this video, we would learn about the 10 secret reasons why long-distance relationships will fail.

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So, let us know the Secrets

Secret Number #1: MISCOMMUNICATION: For any relationship to survive, communication is a vital necessity. What if that communication turns a disaster? Let me show you how!

If you love them. But they live far apart, maybe you like each other and have great feelings for each other. But the only form of communication in this digital world is a smartphone or any social media. You text all the time and see things are running smoothly. But… when you express your opinion about something and the other person misunderstands it, because it is true we cannot decode someone’s tone or expression properly through text messaging, and so there ensues a conflict, because of the reason of miscommunication. When the problem arises it deepens and so… now you can realize what must have taken place because of miscommunication?

Relationships break because of miscommunication, and when communication gets cut-off, you can do nothing but see things drifting.


What is the other person up to? What are they doing in the morning, at night? Are they alone? Who are they meeting and spending time with? Do they think about you? How many people are they talking to? Am I the only one who they think about? Such questions will leave you confused, and that’s where follows the Lack of Trust. Be it friendship/ relationship will come to end. You don’t know what they are hiding from you and what they want to show you.

Secret Number #3: VALUE OF TIME/SPACE:

Do they value your time? Give you too much time or too little? Do they find time for you or do they make you run after them to fit in their schedule? Watch their motives carefully. Being excessively clingy, not giving space or giving too much space and ignoring you, both of this is unhealthy and toxic. Relationships should give value to each other’s needs, space, time and growth. If it doesn’t, it’s time, you should sit, talk and solve all the problems before it is too late.

Secret Number #4: DISTANCE OR DISTANT?

DISTANCE for a prolonged period will grow you distant. Some people may have patience to wait for somebody for maybe MONTHS or in some cases, for YEARS… but in generally people get tired or get fed up or give up easily and search for an easier and convenient relationship which they may find locally. Somebody’s heart will severely break in this process, because the other person may leave when they get another convenient option.

Secret Number #5: SECRETS:

Beware, the person may not be THE PERSON they show themselves before you. Humans can be liars. They tell you whatever they feel is convenient for them and for the situation they live in. There are several things going on in the mind of a human, and even if you spend your entire life finding things out, you would still fail to know everything or may be only survive to know very little. Since you are too far and can barely cover the distance to bare their secrets. And if you ever try to unlock the SECRETS, and for sure you know that they keep suspicious looking secrets from you and they come to know that you are on the quest to unlock or decode, the relationship ends there.


They couldn’t even respect their parents, relationships, friends, co-workers and how bad the world has been to them and spoke against them before you, typically all the time. If they can speak against their blood-relations, then who are you? Why wouldn’t they speak against you in the near future before someone else? You are just nobody, right! So, beware of these pseudo-storytellers, and always verify the facts. To know their true intentions, always give them surprises, like a plan to visit as soon as possible or bring in some situation where their past is bared. Do not trust this victim mentality and always be with people who take responsibility for every situation. Because a healthy mindset deserves utmost importance.


Manipulative and Toxic People do it frequently. They have a great intention to make you feel worse and make you believe that you have wronged them. It’s the practice of every sick and toxic mindset because they are cowards who run away from situations rather than face it. So if someone intently does it to you. Keep calm and please learn to ignore them and if you don’t ignore them, at that moment, they would get all the power and satisfaction in the world that they defeated your self-esteem. These people never mature and ruin the peace in the lives of all people they come across.

Secret Number #8: Running after people = The Chaser: The moment you become the chaser, your self-respect is over and you are taken for granted. Be it friendship or relationship… Every relationship should be a two-way thing, not the one way, where you chase and the person lets you chase all the time. Look carefully, is the person you are chasing worth your time? Are you really happy? Do they value you? Start questioning the situation and you will definitely find the answers. And always be with people who value you and not get you exhausted.

Secret Number #9: Respect:

Whether you are in a relationship or you are considering being with someone, look for signs of respect. Do they really respect your feelings? Are they polite? Do they respect their family? Are they into gossiping, bullying and trolling? Do they waste their significant amount of time in taking trash about others? How do they behave with people in general? Are they jealous of people who are doing well in their lives? Do they make fun of others? How do they behave with you in the private and in the public? Do they encourage you, motivate you to do well in your life or they are the opposite? And most importantly, do they respect themselves? Ask yourself all these questions.

Here, the relationship could be long or short distance, it doesn’t matter.

Secret Number #10: Fluctuating Minds:

These confused individuals believe things never work and could never work. They are always looking for ways to end a relationship and never search for the ways to mend one. Their minds are always fluctuating, and they feel distance would bring instability in their relationship. So, they choose the easier path. TO END IT. So, my dear friends, be careful of this kind of person. Anything can change them. Your partner away for months and in that case, support them and be with them, but instead, you decided to end it because distance made them distant. That’s not a wise decision at all.

So now, we knew about the secret reasons. Order your copy of Lord’s Ordinary Children by Gitasri Pani, and Reversed Order Existence by Blaze Goldburst, from the link in the description below. Also Subscribe to this channel, Like and Share this Video with everyone.

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