Blaze Goldburst in Lord’s Ordinary Children town

Blaze Goldburst in Lord’s Ordinary Children town

I am a frequent traveler to the land of Lord’s Ordinary Children. You are right. Lord’s Ordinary Children is a fiction by Gitasri Pani, but you would feel that the story is inspired by events that are real. It is your story, my story, our story. It is the story that lives in every home. A story-house which binds us to be together amidst the world that is engaged in the forgetfulness trait and the inertia bug. You would ask me what is forgetfulness trait and inertia bug? Well, that’s a mystery for now. You would have to unlock the mystery when you order Lord’s Ordinary Children from the link in the description below.

In my travel vlogs, I would bring before you different stories that impact us. Yes, different life changing stories. Stories on culture, lifestyle and the experiences that make us, shape us and could break us.

I am in Puri now, we can find a major portion of life and culture of it in Lord’s Ordinary Children.

Being a frequent visitor to Puri, my love for the place is immense. And Hotel Holiday Resort is one of my favourite hotels for food and stay. So, you must wonder how many days have I planned to stay in Puri. 2 nights only and then I would travel home.

On my first day in the town of Lord’s Ordinary Children, I had reached in the night-time. I was hungry. I and my brother ordered the best from the Hotel Holiday Resort. So, as you could see, the place isn’t as crowded and people have become conscious about the hygiene after the Corona virus outbreak. So being a foody, we ordered a lot of items. Prawn Chilli, Chicken Butter Masala, Paneer Rajasthani, Paneer Chilli, Tandoori Roti, Masala Kulccha. Mind it, this is not the local dish but the usual items every hotel provides.

So after dinner, I am heading for the lobby and trying to relax, while I await the morning time.

Away from the Hotel Holiday Resort, I spent the day at some quieter, least crowded place on the beach. I am at the rooftop of some other hotel. Solitude is something that I have loved so much. The beach, the huts, me and my solitude in the Lord’s Ordinary Children town. I am feeling the cool sea breeze and you could see me smiling. I am truly happy.

So, now comes the noon time, where I am heading to a Dhaba with my brother. Since we are foodie people. We ordered Butter Paneer Masala, Butter Chicken Masala, Prawn Chilli and Parathas. Lip-smacking taste, of course! In my future travel vlogs, I would definitely introduce you to the local foods. Since we had little time and business to do, we couldn’t explore everything for this video.

After my lunch, I headed to the beach. It was a wonderful experience. To watch the boats and the fishermen, the sun, the sky, the sea waves, the sands, the camel, the horses. The place where the sea and the sky met…

Marine drive during night-time was a great feeling and so is visiting shops closer to the Puri Jagannath Temple. Future vlogs, story-indepth, definitely. Evening time, returned to Hotel Holiday Resort, had the evening brunch. Dosa, Paneer Pakoda… and now it’s the morning time, the breakfast time near Gundiccha Temple. As you can see, I am wearing a mask here. Safety is a must after the coronavirus outbreak. These are local street food of Odisha. They taste great. The thing about it is the food items don’t contain onion or garlic as the stalls are closer to the temple premises. Lots of tourists visit the town of Lord’s Ordinary Children, Puri which is in Odisha, on the Bay of Bengal.

Have a glorious experience here whenever you come.

Order your copy of Lord’s Ordinary Children from the link in the description below.

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