Are you an aspiring author looking for the best publishing route? Or are you a published author tired of your chosen to publish route? You have come to the right place, because in this video I would discuss with you the pros and the cons of traditional publishing and self-publishing, and we would also learn more about the best of both the publishing routes.

Hi, I am Blaze Goldburst, author of Reversed Order Existence and the CEO of Blaze Goldburst Technologies. If you are looking for self-publishing services, click on the link below and get your book published now. Your book would be available across all international stores, distributed globally. And if you are looking for a traditional publisher, then click on the 2nd link below, and send your manuscript and a full length synopsis to Reverend Crown Publications. They are open to submissions from all authors around the world.

It is up to you to decide which publishing route is the best for you. Now let us begin the video. Traditional Publishing vs Self-Publishing.

  1. Free vs Paid- Traditional publishing costs nothing. It is free. While with self-publishing, the author has to invest money in hiring editors, graphic designers, beta readers, promoters, etc. While traditional publishing houses do all the work for free and earn through only through book sales.If you want to get your book traditionally published, then send your submissions to and if you want Blaze Goldburst Technologies to support you in the self-publishing process, then contact us on our Instagram @blazegoldburst or visit
  • Responsibility- When you choose to go the traditional route, all the responsibility lies with the publisher, while you as an author, usually get time to concentrate more on your writing. In self-publishing, if you are not the one doing everything, you hire a business who handles everything from you.  Traditional publishers will do editing, cover design, distribution, marketing and everything else for free if they approve your manuscript submission, while in self-publishing, you invest in everything. You hire a business who takes all the responsibility on your part.
  • Promotions/Marketing: In traditional publishing, the promotion or marketing aspect is mostly taken by the publishing company but in self-publishing, the entire burden of promoting or marketing lies on the author or the business that the author has hired to promote their book. Blaze Goldburst Technologies creates content and brings value. It has brought value to the lives of several authors internationally. If you are looking for self-publishing services, author interviews, book blurb videos, book explainer videos, book trailers, you can contact us.
  • Time involved- The time involved in traditionally publishing a book is higher. You get a literary agent who pitches your book to several publishing houses and if the traditional publisher approves your manuscript, then a lot of work goes into it and it takes a longer time. But Reverend Crown Publications doesn’t require any literary agent and is accepting unsolicited submissions in all genres and is giving a scope to all aspiring authors to get a chance to be traditionally published.

And if you are choosing the self-publishing route, Blaze Goldburst Technologies will support you and get your book published faster. All you got to do is click on the link in the description and buy the self-publishing package. Limited offer only. So now get to know that when you decide to self-publish, we can publish your book the next day or even within a week’s time. So decide the best that you want.

  • Creative control, deadlines and royalties: When you publish the traditional way, the creative control, to work according to deadlines and the decisions about royalties lies with publishing house. Authors give away their rights when they sign the publishing deal/contract. While with self-publishing, authors have complete creative control and don’t have to work according to any sort of deadlines and keep most of the royalties after a cut from the distributors or from the platforms that support print on demand.

It is up to the author to decide which way they want to choose, and for different authors, the choices are different. If they are seeking to concentrate only on their writing and books and have a lot of patience, then I would suggest that they go the traditional way and if they are in a hurry and want to do all their work or hire a business like Blaze Goldburst Technologies in their publishing journey, then yes self-publishing is the best choice for them.

  • Prestige: If we talk about prestige aspect, books published traditionally are given a higher importance amongst most people in the book industry over self-published books. Because anybody can self-publish a book these days and the market is over-saturated with poorly produced works, but books published traditionally are often considered being works of merit, as it is considered having undergone a lot of processes. But that doesn’t mean self-published books are any less of merit. There are great books by self-published authors and if a traditional publisher rejects your manuscript, never get disheartened, keep on trying or else choose the self-publishing route, stay determined, keep on networking, improving, writing, producing content, marketing and everything and I am sure you would rise someday.

So, now all I would say is, don’t follow the herd, do whatever suits your needs. Every route will have its pros and cons but remember one thing. Don’t fall into the trap of vanity publishing houses. Vanity publishing houses are companies that take money from you to not just publish your book but also eat away your royalties and don’t give you rights over your book. So that is a scam.

Always choose to be published either by a traditional publisher, like Reverend Crown Publications, or avail the self-publishing services from Blaze Goldburst Technologies. Links in the description below.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or message me on Instagram @blazegoldburst

All authors deserve success.

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