Father’s tale (Hanumantia)

The first short story written by a 5 year old (Me!) in my favourite notebook….

He is a good story-teller. Ofcourse, he is my father. A learned man, with good ideas. But the stories he told me were ofcourse about Hanumantia. The tale of Hanumantia, a monkey with a magnificent look and having all types of powers was my best friend. The word “Hanumantia” was most probably derived from the word Hanuman. He was ofcourse my best friend. He would start saying me, Goody, Goody, Where are you? I have brought you some delicious fruits for your breakfast. I will wake up. I would find him sitting on the branch of the Banyan tree. He gave me anything I wished.

One day: “Hanu, Can u give me a ride on your back?”, asked I. He would certainly agree as he had the power to do anything.. Once I thought to be mischievous. He was napping on the branch of a tree. I shook the branch too hard. He fell down with a thud. Legs got broken. I waved my pistol, aiming at him.” I am going to kill you, Hanu. This is all because you couldn’t hear the voice from my mind”. He begged for mercy. Got me a ride to the sky. He cured himself through the powers he had. He could fly too. It was Christmas time. Hanu loaded me with a lot of gifts. We played together. He did like me very much. He was the only being who fulfilled all my wishes. He did my homework and helped me with my studies. So, I also promised to help him. Then after some time, he said a goodbye and a good night and got to his way.

Time passes too quickly and my eyes are opened. I see it was only a dream and a tale told by my father.

Only a dream!

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