Is going to film school worth your time and money?

Many aspiring filmmakers dream of going to a film school. Be it for a degree or for short courses. They suddenly start to team up with other students and start imagining themselves as future filmmakers.

Then the issue of time, budget, coordination and cooperation between the team members arises. There is often a stage when we strictly follow rules and principles of filmmaking and thus, we often never dive into ourselves or discover, to bring in more creativity, and finally end up producing what others have been doing since ages.

Going to a film school! I am not against it. But there will be pros and cons. Good for some, not great for many. While many of us in film school will want all our questions to be answered, but we will be left unanswered. We would wish to have hands on experience by using various cinematic cameras, lighting equipment, or knowledge about the great editing software but our hopes may get reduced to only the theoretical aspects. Some would persuade you to buy “this DSLR CAMERA if you want to be a filmmaker” or someone else would brag how great a software they are using for film editing, or an expensive audio recorder they bought.

Now you will surprisingly see yourself spending thousands and thousands of bucks and would sooner realize, you didn’t intend to use them at all in the longer run.And the mistake you made by not focusing more on skills but more on equipment will prove worse. Because, technology changes rapidly. Today’s best is tomorrow’s crap. But finding a great mentor who helps you in honing your craft is an advantage! Because once your basics are clear, you will be free to create your style and decide how to sustain it in future throughout the age of changing technologies.

Make as many mistakes as you can, whether you decide to still go to a film school or not, but be guided first by the right person.Help yourself and grow to the top. Because you are still the future filmmaker without film school. And lastly, all great filmmakers had not necessarily attended a film school or spent thousands of bucks on equipment. They tried and tried, failed and failed, then they became victorious.

Thankyou for reading my second blog. You And We Made It Ours…Let’s Care It Grows High!”- BLAZE GOLDBURST

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