When we have a strong will to learn, we always find our way. At that moment we don’t worry about what we have, but how we can. Today, in my first blog, I am going to talk about the marginalized filmmaker. Because there is a common misconception that only the elite or the people who go to film school become filmmakers.

The marginalized filmmaker has no budget, no expensive camera, lighting equipment, an expensive editing software, or the best setting to make high definition films. He/She begins to feel things are beyond his affordability. Then he/she is disoriented and starts believing that certain roads don’t lead to possible destinations. Now…Wait! Don’t be disheartened. Maybe things might look nearly impossible today, but they won’t seem impossible forever!

Does one really need to attend a film school to be a filmmaker? Do only the elite people become filmmakers?  
 There is a common misconception that only the elite or the people who go to film school become filmmakers.

If you are an aspiring filmmaker, don’t worry, start with a small step. With a smart phone. I know many people don’t even have access to connectivity or to even afford an expensive smart phone. But its not needed. What is needed right now is to have a cheap decent phone with a camera. Then to point and shoot whatever comes before your eyes. Start from your home. Involve your family, friends, and if you feel you are alone by yourself, then the nature is everywhere. Start capturing the mountains, the roads, the animals, the busy people around, the street and so much more.

Now you start realizing that every image forms an idea which can be used later on. Don’t care if people criticize you or make fun. There is always a challenge when you decide to do what most won’t even venture into. Be proud, because you didn’t follow the herd mentality and tried to do something different and unique.

We learn from our mistakes and rigorous practice. When you are starting, start with a free flow rather than following rigid principles. Coming to benefits of learning filmmaking or its uses, I would come to it in another blog. Stay tuned. Yours, BLAZE GOLDBURST.

You And We Made It Ours…Let’s Care It Grows High!
-Blaze GoldBurst

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