Why should Authors get an Audiobook version of their book?- Blaze Goldburst

Why should Authors get an Audiobook version of their book?- Blaze Goldburst

It is a grave mistake by authors who never get an audiobook version of their book. You leave that enormous section of readers who would prefer to listen rather than read the eBook or the print version. What are the mistakes that you commit as a published author without getting the audiobook version of your book?

You fail somewhere. You fail when the blind audience cannot read your book. You fail when fast-going tech savvy individuals who barely have time to read books but could listen to audiobooks like the music in their phones; you miss them. You miss out on the people who are old and having weak sight but could listen to your books. You miss out on the people who are illiterate, people who can’t read and write but can listen and learn. You made a mistake when you didn’t choose to make them listen.

But… that is not the end of the road. You still have an option. Blaze Goldburst Technologies has brought for all authors the Global No.1 Services platform for authors and aspiring writers, which is reversedorderexistence.com

 A platform that brings prosperity and visibility to all authors globally in budget. Made by authors and only for authors. It’s never too late to win. Make your readers listen to you on the go. Get the audiobook package and we would narrate your book, edit and publish your book across all international stores.

All authors deserve success. And you as an author deserve to be a star. Your prosperity is our priority. Invest in the audiobook package from reversedorderexistence.com before it is too late. Your written words, our voice, let us make the world listen.

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