Why you need a Cinematic Book Blurb Video from reversedorderexistence.com?

Why you need a Cinematic Book Blurb Video from reversedorderexistence.com

How would a reader in this digital world know that your book exists? Do you feel an appealing book cover or you spending thousands of dollars on frustrating ads suffices to make them get glued to your book?

 Then you have failed.

Because in this digital era, readers are the sprinters. They have a short attention span. They have no patience. They are looking for a quick grab of any book and there are millions of books and where do you see your book amongst the pile? Lost, forgotten?

You as an author would fail if you scream, shout and tell the world that this is my book. Because your voice could lost in the crowd of million other voices chorusing the same.

Here is the catch, why not you choose to attract the sprinter with a catchy and visually appealing cinematic book blurb from reversedorderexistence.com

Why not get the reader hooked and glued to get your book at any cost? A video book blurb found on the back cover of your book represented in the cinematic video format. Your readers in this digital age are quickpaced, why not you? Why be late in this race? Why not show them rather than shout? Readers wish to see before they choose. Readers demand to listen before making a choice. You can give them a choice. This is your last chance. Don’t be a chaser to a sprinter. Be the coach.

Get the cinematic book blurb for your book from reversedorderexistence.com

Reversedorderexistence.com is a global no.1 services platform only for authors and aspiring writers. A video book blurb will reflect your story to the world. Our team of filmmakers and creative people at Blaze Goldburst Technologies will create the most visually appealing video asset only for you, which can serve as a promotional material to be used across all platform and as a book promotion.

Video content is an asset, and the key is consistency. This asset lives forever as it gives a lot of value. 

All authors deserve success. And you as an author deserve to be a star. Your prosperity is our priority. Invest in the long-term, act now, be an inspiration and be a success.

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