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A STAY in Lord’s Ordinary Children Town

A Stay in Lord’s Ordinary Children Town.

I planned to stay a few days in the Lord’s Ordinary Children Town in Puri. Because of pandemic restrictions, I relished the moments only in Hotel Vijoya International and the beachfront. It was the night time. I strolled in and around the hotel. The moments of solitude, the sky, the road, the other hotels outside. I could even smell the sea in the air. I walked into the Hotel Lobby. The lighting was gentle and refreshing.

I, along with my elder brother and my little rabbit brother Alex Goldburst, decided to stay a few days at Hotel Vijoya International. Enjoying the night, I waited for the next morning.

In Lord’s Ordinary Children times, story house connected us. It bound us to be together. But here, people appeared to be distant. There were fewer people staying at the hotel because of the pandemic. Even where I could see a few faces, they appeared to be distant. People had become distant. Digital age had made them to be.

I, my little rabbit brother and my elder brother enjoyed our stay together, dreaming about the world of Lord’s Ordinary Children and how could we recreate and re-live that memorable times.

I would spend my days reading Lord’s Ordinary Children. A novel by Gitasri Pani. I began to imagine how could a story house come into the lives of every person and which would bind them together? Could it become a possibility? It could be… only if we want it to be…

Evening, night and mornings would go by. The pandemic had restricted much of our movement in the Lord’s Ordinary Children Town. But the memories had not left us. Spending great time together was this moment. Alex Goldburst rested, I rested, we strolled, and we played. Alex Goldburst would read Lord’s Ordinary Children, too. He is an ordinary child, like me. Like everyone else.

I and Alex Goldburst spent our evenings on the rooftop, staring at the sea, the sky with its radiant colours, the refreshing sea winds which touched both of us. And when the night approached, we retired to our rooms after dinner. We, the three of us. The family. Awaiting the next day.

I love Puri, the divine town in the coastal belt of Odisha. This place has been prominently featured in Lord’s Ordinary Children. Puri is popularly known as Shree Jagannath Dham. A large number of tourists visit here throughout the year.

But ever since the pandemic, things appear to have changed.

I am a lord’s ordinary child, spending the days watching the sea waves, walking on the sands, strolling on the rooftop in the evenings or the marine drive…

Forgetfulness trait and inertia bug have taken over us. We have forgotten the past, the memorable moments. This trait and the bug have so much consumed us we lead our lives as if nothing has ever happened. We live in the present and don’t think of the future, let alone stay connected with the memorable past.

Would we ever get back the days of Lord’s Ordinary Children? Would we ever re-create this present to that memorable time?

To know, watch the Second Part of Lord’s Ordinary Children Town. You would see the Food in Lord’s Ordinary Children Town.

Also, Order your copy of Lord’s Ordinary Children. Written by Gitasri Pani. We are all Lord’s Ordinary Children. You, me, my family, your family, every individual, whether or not living in a posh society, is a Lord’s Ordinary Child and must live that memorable past and recreate that past in the present and for the future.

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