FOODIES in Lord’s Ordinary Children Town

During my stay in the Lord’s Ordinary Children Town, I badly wanted to relish the aromatic food which existed in the memorable times. But because of the pandemic restrictions, there was little choice but to have my daily meals from the Hotel. It was a blend of local and national dishes from India.

In Lord’s Ordinary Children, there is unique cuisine, food and dining. There you would see the family, the community and all the memorable events with emotions attached. You would feel it all.

Then… the community was serene but now solitary is noise.

Here you see many people having their meals, but with a sense of detachment. There is food, but there is no discussion. There is a dearth of interaction amongst people. People are busy clicking pictures of food rather than relishing the aromatic taste of food which existed in the memorable moments of Lord’s Ordinary Children.

Breakfast, lunch, brunch and dinner keep on coming and going. Order after order. Food after food. Morning, Noon and the Night go by… but…

The feeling of sameness still exists. There is a loss of variation, the taste of varieties which existed with the sweet touch of the families and friends in Lord’s Ordinary Children.

We are having the food that a hotel serves. I wouldn’t say things are worse, but my taste-bud would definitely go for the food that prevails in the Lord’s Ordinary Children Town. The divine Mahaprasad, the Chappan Bhog from Shree Jagannath Temple.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t venture to our temple visit. Life during and post pandemic would always be limited. It would never be the same as it was before.

We are foodie people. We eat and we think while we eat. And we miss the food in the memorable times of Lord’s Ordinary Children.

Forgetfulness trait and inertia bug have taken over us. We have forgotten the past, and all those memorable moments. This trait and the bug have so much consumed us we lead our lives as if nothing has ever happened. We live only in the present, not thinking of the future, let alone stay connected with the memorable past.

Would we ever get back the days of Lord’s Ordinary Children? Would we ever re-create that memorable moment in our present days?

To know, watch the Third Part of Lord’s Ordinary Children Town. You would see the Fun Times we had in the Lord’s Ordinary Children Town.

Also, Order your copy of Lord’s Ordinary Children. Written by Gitasri Pani. We are all Lord’s Ordinary Children. You, me, my family, your family, every individual, whether or not living in a posh society, is a Lord’s Ordinary Child and must live that memorable past and recreate that past in the present and for the future.

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