FUN TIMES in Lord’s Ordinary Children Town

I walked in the corridors. I remember that Our fun times were limited only to Hotel Vijoya International. I explored the gym. Then walked to the swimming pool area.

Oh! I miss the memorable moments of Lord’s Ordinary Children.

It was a sunny day. Because of the pandemic, many did not prefer to swim or play in the pool. Except me and my elder brother.

Alex Goldburst, my little rabbit brother, was resting in his room after a sumptuous meal of fresh vegetables, fruits, and the green grass. Noon was usually the time he slept.

Since the pool area was empty, me and my elder brother enjoyed the waters, the bright sun and its sudden hiding behind layers of cloud made me wonder if it might rain anytime. We spent hours in the pool, resting and having fun by splashing waters, laughing or playing with the ball floating on the waters.

There was no trace of community, not even a single individual other than us. I imagined us being in the moments of Lord’s Ordinary Children. How would it have been if there would have been the lively community life present? The pool would have been crowded and there would have been discussion, sharing of varied experiences, food, fun and play. But now the solitude is making an even louder noise here.

After the pool, we returned to our rooms.

In the evening time, we walked on the green grass, heeding to the gym. It was an empty room. No human seemed to be present, let alone of me thinking there would be a presence of a community interested in participating.

Alex Goldburst, my little rabbit brother, would wake up late at night. Me and my elder brother spent some time in the gym, had a game of table tennis.

This was how we spent our time in the Lord’s Ordinary Children Town during the times of Pandemic.

Would we ever get back the days of Lord’s Ordinary Children? Would we ever re-create this present to that memorable moment?

Order your copy of Lord’s Ordinary Children. Written by Gitasri Pani. We are all Lord’s Ordinary Children. You, me, my family, your family, every individual, whether or not living in a posh society, is a Lord’s Ordinary Child and must live that memorable past and recreate that past in the present and for the future.

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