Can you solve the Mystery of this Book? | Mary Goes Missing

Can you solve the Mystery of this Book? | Mary Goes Missing

Mary Goes Missing: A Short Story is an engaging mystery that you wouldn’t want to miss. A short story about a woman who goes missing.
This gripping short story is written by Hadayai Majeed.
This is a mystery about a woman who goes missing from the grocery store one morning. Her children frantically search for her. The town searches for her. She is gone without a trace. Where has she gone?
Mary Goes Missing deserves to be read. You can read it on Kindle Unlimited or you can also order a copy of the book from Amazon.
Hadayai Majeed began taking writing seriously in 1997 when she did research on a very controversial subject in the Islamic community, the practice of Polygyny or plural marriage.
Islam has very strict rules about polygyny. Once the research was completed, she could find no one she could trust to write about the subject and do it justice.
So, she set out to do it herself. With no formal training in writing or publishing.
What she found was that writing would not be easy, however interesting, fun and frightening it seemed to be at the same time. You would need to learn the basics and practice hard to hone the craft. Publishing takes even a lot of time and investment.
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Life had been full of struggles, learning, and growth for Hadayai Majeed, the author of Mary Goes Missing.
Hadayai Majeed has also written three other books.
These works of art show the world that Islam is more than rules and codes. It is a total way of life that has joy and creativity in it.
Mary Goes Missing is a short story that is perfect for mystery lovers and you should read it now.
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