How to Lose Weight? : 3 Minute Weight Loss Guide

Author Interview

Book Title: How to Lose Weight? : 3 Minute Weight Loss Guide

Author – Bruce Goldwell

Interviewer: Blaze Goldburst

  1. 1) How much research and experience did it involve in writing the book, “How to Lose Weight? : 3 Minute Weight Loss Guide.” 

    At one time in my life, I work as a health coach at a local gym. Over the years, I have learned quite a bit from other people who are experts in the area of health and wellness. One in particular is Don Tolman, who teaches about the sun, salt, water, fresh vegetables and exercise. I have included in my book information that I have gathered over the last two decades. However, I have done it in a way that makes it easy for people to understand and follow. I have left out all the fluff.

    2) How can an individual maintain a healthy lifestyle in this digital age?

    It is a matter of having all the puzzle pieces to put into place. Miss any of the pieces and you can’t be successful because you don’t have a full picture. The digital age actually helps us be more successful and be able to obtain our goals because we have so much information that we have access to.

    3) The book industry is dominated by haters that are trying hard to bring authors with great potential down. In your case, how have you dealt with your haters?

    My experience as an independent author is that of not having money to be able to buy tens of thousands of books to put in bookstores. I have to compete with the big suppliers as an independent author and hope for my readers to share my books with others.

    4) There is a lot of body shaming happening with individuals who are obese. How would your book “How to Lose Weight?: 3 Minute Weight Loss Guide” help build confidence and motivate the individual to control their body weight and feel happy?

    Along with my book, I also have created a journal so that individuals can keep up with their progress. As they are successful in a step-by-step guided process, they find out that they can be successful because they see it immediately.

    5) How was your journey to becoming a published author? What struggles did you undergo?

    I decided to start writing books back in the middle of 2000, 2005, and 2006.

 A 97-year-old man told me that I knew a lot more than other people and needed to start riding books. I was homeless at the time.

Now, I have over 25 titles published and have also been published internationally.

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