Hotel Rupashree Bangala Puri Odisha | Lord\\\’s Ordinary Children | Book Marketing Ep 01

I imagined the chapter, “Day 6” from the book Lord’s Ordinary Children. The day was eventful. The moments were unforgettable. The Lord’s Ordinary Children family were in a holidaying mood. They had booked a car for a long trip.

I was on a long trip too, with Alex Goldburst and my team to Puri. To the Hotel Rupashree Bangala. When I checked in to the Hotel Rupashree Bangala, I immediately went to the rooftop to have a view of the sea. It was not exactly a proper beachfront hotel, but I could feel the refreshing breeze from the rooftop.

We had booked two super deluxe rooms. The best rooms that the hotel could offer. Before getting to my room, I took a stroll outside, to feel the sea and the sands closer. Clicking pictures, watching the beautiful sunset, the people, the animals and birds.

I went to my room. The sea was a little afar, so the sea winds or the feel of it were not much through the room, even if the sea was visible and the hotel was closer to the sea.

The staff were friendly. They cleaned our rooms. Alex Goldburst, my sibling rabbit, loves cleanliness the most. He loves new places. It refreshes his mind, too. He would love to get used to the room and explore it on his own.

Alex Goldburst and I clicked pictures. We had a great family time and were recollecting our experiences in Puri and from the book, “Lord’s Ordinary Children.”

I spent the evening in the sea, staring at the sky, the sea, the stray animals, the crows, the eagles. Tonight would end with a little adventure. But tomorrow, we would venture out.

The next morning, we had breakfast. Mouth-watering taste. The breakfast here is the best of the all. Though they don’t have a restaurant inside for the other meals. They could only serve the lunch and dinner in the rooms.

Alex Goldburst would enjoy munching the fresh green grass, the timothy hay, and selected vegetables.

 In the noon, we headed to Shree Jagannath Temple, just like the good days of Lord’s Ordinary Children. We would offer puja, eat the Mahaprasad and do shopping. If you read the book Lord’s Ordinary Children, you would know how the story house can bind us. The link to order a copy of the book is in the description below. Get yours now.  

Cameras and cell phones are not allowed into the temple premises.

On the way, there were too many hotels. The Marine drive was enjoyable anytime, even in the noon, the outside was cooler. The smell of the sea was to the proximity.

There was a big parking lot for vehicles near the Puri Jagannath Temple. After the Puja and the Mahaprasad, we went back to our rooms, and I took a walk on the beach and clicked on some pictures.

The beaches were different in Puri. It depended on the location of the beach. In the next episodes, we would see more of it. This is not our last night in Puri.

We had booked 2 nights in Hotel Rupashree Bangala, in Baliapanda and the other 3 more nights, we have booked a Beachfront Hotel in the Chakratirtha Road in Puri.

I am Blaze Goldburst, author of Reversed Order Existence and the CEO of Blaze Goldburst Technologies. Travel and Book Marketing is something I love. Books need to be read while on travel. Books that resonate and make you feel connected to the place. Lord’s Ordinary Children, written by Gitasri Pani, is the book that I would highly recommend. This is the book that will bind us together. Go get it now. Link in the description.

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