Hotel Vijoya International, Golden Beach Puri | Lord\\\’s Ordinary Children | Book Marketing Ep 04

The third day had begun with the breakfast in the Hotel Vijoy International. It would be the last day and night in this hotel and so would this travel story would bring newer beginnings, fresher memories. Those memories that are already captured in the book Lord’s Ordinary Children.

After my breakfast, I went back to my bedroom to read a few chapters from the book Lord’s Ordinary Children, written by Gitasri Pani. You can get the copy of the book now. The link is in the description below.

There was something I had planned for today, just like the family in their holidaying mood from the book Lord’s Ordinary Children had.

My wilder feet would walk the sandy seashores. I went to the Golden Beach. As I had said, there were numerous beaches in Puri. Alex Goldburst loved sleeping this afternoon in my room after his sumptuous afternoon meal. Alex Goldburst also loves visiting the sea beach

It was 3 p.m.; there was the ticket counter and after I got the ticket.

I had my meal there on the Golden Beach. Few crow friends joined me too while we shared the lunch. It always feels wonderful to have a company.

I imagined about the character, Pratigyan from the book Lord’s Ordinary Children. How she sat on the Golden Sands, watching the setting sun, the golden sea. She loved the air voluminously caressing her full body.

It was a memorable existence, and I wanted to get the feel of it all. The Golden Beach was one of the cleanest beaches I had ever seen. You would feel like living here forever.

I was already intoxicated with the feel as the night became playful as it began. Here, I knew I would lose the track of time. It was serene and so peaceful.

When I exited from the Golden Beach and walked towards the Hotel Vijoya International. On the way, I saw there were people talking, walking, and enjoying the sea. Several families, just giving the similar feel from the book Lord’s Ordinary Children.

I paused and as I walked ahead; I noticed a small café named Koraput Coffee. When I asked why such a name was for a café. They said that the coffee beans were from Koraput, a district in Odisha.

Enjoying the playful night and the feel of the sea breeze, I sipped my coffee. It was aromatic; it was refreshing.

The next morning, I had my breakfast in a nearby Dhaba as we had already checked out from the Hotel Vijoya International.

Gathering all the memories of my stay and also recollecting the memories from the book, “Lord’s Ordinary Children”, I began to depart from Puri. But these stories would not end here, subscribe to see more.

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