Hotel Vijoya International Puri | Luxury Dinner | Lord\\\’s Ordinary Children | Book Marketing Ep 03

The breathtaking feel of the sea in the early mornings can be taken the best from any beachfront hotel. After enjoying the morning view of the sea, I went to have my breakfast.

Alex Goldburst had already had his breakfast, too. He was awaiting me to narrate a chapter from the book, Lord’s Ordinary Children. He loves it when I read before him. It soothes him and he feels so relaxing. The world of Lord’s Ordinary Children will live in our thoughts and activities. Alex Goldburst and I would sooner visit other places which the book mentions to get the feel of it and to live in it.

Alex Goldburst loves to sleep in the afternoon till late at night. Alex Goldburst might join me later in the evening.

 I rested a little and was outside in the evening to the beach in front of the Hotel Vijoya International. I had had a heavy breakfast already, so I skipped the lunch and decided only the dinner. When I was on the beach,

I looked at the people. They came, they enjoyed the sea, and they went. In the book, Lord’s Ordinary Children, community was serene, solitary was noise.

I could also feel the fabulous bonding that a story house can create for us. I too felt it as a life-changing and life-enhancing experience. I love Puri and all the places that I wish to visit from the book Lord’s Ordinary Children. I have tasted the food, the feel.

Our world is fast-changing, and forgetfulness trait and the inertia bug stalks us. To every viewer, I would say, get up, act now, read the book Lord’s Ordinary Children, written by Gitasri Pani to never miss that unconventional meeting, the fabulous bonding and, of course, the story house. If you forget reading this book, believe me, part of you will not only miss something but will never find it. The link to the book is in the description below. Get it now!

After having all the good times, the travel, the sea, clicking pictures and, of course, as I went for the dinner reliving the memories, I felt great. But it was not the end. Subscribe to the channel to never miss the next episode ever! And also Order your copy of Lord’s Ordinary Children now.

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