Hotel Vijoya International Puri, Sea Facing | Lord\\\’s Ordinary Children | Book Marketing Ep 02

The holidaying mood had begun as we were heading to Hotel Vijoya International. We enjoyed the Marine Drive by the autorickshaw. Going by the local transport, an auto in Puri can give the real feel of the marine drive. You can strongly feel the sea winds.

Recreating the same scene in my mind from the book Lord’s Ordinary Children, written by Gitasri Pani. I saw the grey was coming, bounding and overwhelming, before my eyes. The grey sky, the grey sea, the serene beach… the warmest memories ever! I was reliving it, like a Lord’s Ordinary Child. Alex Goldburst and my team were reliving it too… but, my dearest viewer, why are you missing this cherishing experience? Click the link in the description below and order your copy of Lord’s Ordinary Children right now because we are all Lord’s Ordinary Child. We must never miss living this moment and be taken away by the inertia bug and the forgetfulness trait.

In the Hotel Vijoya International, the rooms were the best. The breakfast was complementary as we had selected the package. It was a buffet system. Unlimited food and a variety of it.

Two rooms we had booked, the best deluxe sea facing rooms for three nights. This is a luxury beachfront hotel in Chakratirtha Road, Puri. It has all the facilities, the sea winds can touch us from the balcony, and there was this big swimming pool for adults and the smaller ones for kids. To have a great time, there was a big lawn, an amazing restaurant, a lobby, and a gym. Everything was cosy or comfy.

Above all, the hosts loved and welcomed Alex Goldburst, my rabbit sibling. People here were curious to meet Alex Goldburst because he is also a Lord’s Ordinary Child. Alex Goldburst loved this hotel the most.

The Hotel Vijoya International is one of my favourite hotels in Puri.

As it was the morning time, I headed for my breakfast.

The restaurant was a little crowded, but the food was in varieties. There would be a new menu every day.

Alex Goldburst already had his favourite vegetables and timothy hay in our room. He was in his playful mood. Alex Goldburst is a great rabbit and a great explorer. He loves to explore new places and loves to travel. It was his second visit to Hotel Vijoya International and to Puri.

After a while, I went to the swimming pool, to feel the waters and relax.

Time flies too fast and the evening and the night begun. I was in my room with Alex Goldburst. He would have his favourite timothy hay and vegetables and lots of water later in the night. He is sleepy. I must not disturb him.

I went to the restaurant with my team to have dinner. What would I do the next day? Subscribe to the channel to watch the next episode and Order your copy of Lord’s Ordinary Children now.

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