Just Before Sunrise | Book Explainer Video

Just Before Sunrise | Book Explainer Video

Before you read this book, there is something important you need to know: Before You Read.

 The Book “Just Before Sunrise” is not your regular collection of short stories. It’s a book with a dark and twisted soul. The book that will haunt you until the final page. It’s a chilling compilation of horror and thriller tales that are as real as they are imaginary. If you have an analytical mind, love solving puzzles, and can appreciate a good mystery, then this is the perfect book for you. Are you up for the challenge?

John is ashamed to be an alien among humans. His family is from the planet Saturn. Because of the human arrogance, he feels so different and not worthy to be in their presence since childhood.

His physical appearance is the subject of daily mocking and disdain by his human classmates. His long arms (twice as long as human arms), short legs and globe-shaped head make him stand out everywhere he goes. Oh yes, he was also sky blue.

As a child, he longed to be human…

Why did his people all have to die in the Great War and leave him alone in this vast universe?

We got to know something about one story. But why miss the others? Go get the book now. The Link is in the description below.

Just Before Sunrise is a book written by Hadayai Majeed and is published by the Traditional Publishing Company, “Reverend Crown Publications.” Reverend Crown is the No.1 Traditional Publishing Company for Aspiring Authors and believes that every aspiring author with great potential deserves a chance.

Hadayai Majeed, the author of Just Before Sunrise, stumbled into writing after completing her research on the controversial subject of Polygyny or plural marriage in Islam in 1997. She has published anthologies of poetry, short stories and photos of artwork as Coffee Table books. Mary Goes Missing and Pieces of Me with Company are also among her most promising books. Just Before Sunrise is her latest book published by Reverend Crown Publications. Hadayai Majeed is a creative on Vocal.Media and has been a runner-up in the I Have a Dream Challenge. You can also reach them through their website www.spencer-majeed.com

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