Are We Missing Something? Esplanade Mall, Lord\\\’s Ordinary Children, Book Marketing

Are We Missing Something? Esplanade Mall, Lord\\\’s Ordinary Children, Book Marketing

Are we missing something? Consumed by the Forgetfulness Trait and the Inertia Bug. We are missing something…

The life we could have, possibly.

We have come so far, but what did we lose?

Read Lord’s Ordinary Children To Find Out.

I was at the Nexus Esplanade Mall in Bhubaneswar. Bhubaneswar is one of the most prominent cities, which you would find in the book, Lord’s Ordinary Children by Gitasri Pani. Bhubaneswar is also known as the Temple City and is culturally rich.

But this very day, I decided to spend the hours of solitude at the Esplanade Mall. I was waiting for a friend and had planned to try many junk and fast foods. This is what generally every individual in this fast-changing world does. They have forgotten their glorious past and their culture and have adapted themselves to a massive change.

They have forgotten not only to take care of their physical well-being but also their emotional or mental health. They have forgotten the greatness of the home-cooked meal or even the indigenous healthy meal.

It is a choice, but we are, in this digital age, hugely influenced by the forgetfulness trait and have succumbed to the inertia bug.

The unhealthier life choices, food choices have become a priority now. In Odisha, one could fondly have the Odia Cuisine, the temple food, the memories of having Odia home-cooked delicacies like the Chuda Kadali, the Pakhal Feast and many more.

But here, you see me having Momos with my friend, heavily engaged in shooting my experiences and then grabbing a Domino’s Pizza, a bottle of Pepsi, Golgappas and the Turkish Ice cream. Are we not forgetting to live the life that we could have possibly lived? It is fading from our memories slowly. And so, we are missing the greatest things in our life in this fast-changing world.

Sometimes, we should also know that, even if we are surrounded by the crowd, we could either be enjoying our solitude or feel the loneliness. I am enjoying the solitude and remembering the experiences and the feel from the book, “Lord’s Ordinary Children”.

You should definitely read “Lord’s Ordinary Children by Gitasri Pani” too. Or else… You would be missing something.

Let us not be too engrossed in this forgetfulness trait that we forget to enjoy the existence of the past and the present. Let us live with every bit of emotion.

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