Agreement with Blaze Goldburst Technologies

Book Covers and other commercial or license rights

The commercial or license rights are only limited to eBook Covers, Paperback, Audiobook and Hardcovers for the client or buyer. All others rights are owned by the Graphic Designer or the company “Blaze Goldburst Technologies (Opc) Private Limited”.

Incase, you want full rights; you need to buy it separately. It can be purchased separately per book cover. Using it beyond the scope as mentioned above without full commercial rights leads to violation of copyrights or license rights.

Video Content commercial use or license rights

We reserve the full rights to use the Video Content creation or the finished product like Book Trailers, Book Explainer Videos, Video Author Interviews or any other known or yet to be discovered sources or technologies through our and other platforms that exist and would come into existence. The client can use the finished video files are for commercial usage too but would have limited rights. Full commercial rights need to be purchased separately to be used in any source, both existing or in any new technologies that might come into existence.

Audiobook Production and Distribution Rights

The client will have limited copyrights or license rights in case of distribution for the number of years as decided by the company. To purchase full commercial rights for a lifetime, it needs to be purchased separately from the Blaze Goldburst Technologies (Opc) Private Limited or through any platforms they or their Owner/Founder operate.

Book Publishing Rights

The rights of book publishing will be decided by the company. Incase, the client/author/business decides to take absolute rights, they need to purchase the full rights separately or else the publishing rights and rights over the files in any version known or any technology that might be discovered or known will henceforth be decided by Blaze Goldburst Technologies.

Any other book industry or any business, commercial, license rights or any services that are on sale or might come into existence through any platform or discovered technologies.

Anything related to or purchased through Blaze Goldburst Technologies (Opc) Private Limited. All rights are reserved by Blaze Goldburst Technologies and our company has all rights to decide how to limit the license or commercial rights of the client who has purchased our services.


Incase of any disputes, The Arbitration proceedings shall take place in Cuttack, Odisha, India (“City & Country”) shall be governed by the arbitration laws or arbitration rules of the relevant jurisdiction. The award passed by the Arbitrators shall be final and the courts of Cuttack, Odisha, India (“City & Country”) shall have exclusive jurisdiction. The Arbitration shall be conducted in English Language or any other language as per the convenience of the parties.

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